SBA and Small Business Loans

Find small business loans and financing that meets your situation. We have networked with dozens of business financing lenders interested in solving your financing needs. We'll recommend you to at least three of these business lenders. Get financed without the annoyance of shopping around, We'll find the right lender for your situation.

Why Use Best Choice? First we guarantee that all qualified applications will be reviewed by a minimum of 3 lenders specializing in your type of loan. Next we put together and submit your entire loan package to each lender. This allows us to cater each package to the individual lender's requirements. Lastly we recommend approval of all qualified applications to each lender we have submitted you to. So Why? We find the right lenders, do the loan package for you then provide a letter of recommendation on your behalf!

Small business loans offer more flexible terms than conventional financing and, in many cases, seller financing.  Business financing with our lenders will allow you to find business financing with a lower down payment, longer terms and competitive rates

Allow Best Choice to help arrange your financing.  Fill out the form below or call us at 718 648 0518 for a FREE no obligation consultation. This is not an application

Securities - Based Credit Lines &
Loans (SBCL)

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