Using Best Choice to sell your business ensures that a professional business broker will be handling your transaction. We discreetly find buyers without your customers, suppliers or creditors knowing that your business is for sale.  

Major reasons to use a Best Choice? 

1.We are highly trained experts in finding buyers and negotiating the sale on your behalf.  

2.We understand the dangers involved in selling businesses and our systems assure that the sales process will not affect your operations. We discreetly find buyers and have them enter into a non-disclosure contract before they know anything about your business.  
3.1.We screen potential buyers on your behalf. 

4..We can finance potential buyers to assure a speedier closing. 

5.We are experts at placing a price on a business that the owner and buyer can work with. 

If you have a business for sale, please fill out the form below or call us at 718 648 0518 for a FREE no obligation consultation.

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