Securities - Based Credit Lines & Loans (SBCL) can be an excellent source of funds for anyone who holds publically traded stocks or other securities (US and Foreign), and wants to borrow against them.

Securities-Based Credit Lines & Loans

               These “non-purpose” loans are ideal for:
Financing an entire Business acquisition with SBCL.
Funding your smaller “cash” business re-sales  (that don’t qualify for SBA).
Providing another option for buyers to get down-payment money.
Increasing chance that seller financing (combined with increased down-payment                         
           from a securities based credit line) can complete
          and close more deals. 
Financing commercial investors/franchise buyers.
Financing high net-worth individuals buying property to occupy or as an investment.
Financing foreign nationals buying property, franchises, or businesses in the US.

             Acceptable collateral includes:
Common stocks from all major world stock exchanges      
($5 min. price per share; $10/share+ for best quotes)
Mutual Funds + transferrable CD’s (Maturity – 1-3 years)
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
US Treasuries (T-Bills, Treasury Notes)                                              
Bonds (US Municipal, corporate, U.S. Gov’t)
Money Market Funds (90-95% select MM Funds)

           Loan parameters:

Securities remain in title of borrower (no change of ownership), never sold                 
           unless you as owner choose to sell them.
24/7 online access, freedom to trade in account.
Credit line interest rates between 1.5% and 5.5%
65%-70% LTV for stock, up to 97% LTV on T-Bills & other government                           
Loan periods from 1 to 7 years (credit lines have no maturity date)
Minimum portfolio value $100K (minimum first withdrawal is $55K)
No maximum lending limits
Retirement accounts (IRA’s, Keogh’s) not eligible
Major U.S.-based institutional SIPC, FDIC, FINRA-member partner
Not a margin loan limited to 50% LTV or hard margin call policies
Fully licensed lender advisors; full client support w/ online access