Equipment Lease Funding 

Leasing provides 100% financing in monthly installments.
Monthly payments are comparable to standard SBA loans.
Flexible leasing programs
Flexing purchase/buyout options available
Credit requirements are more lenient than loans
Just a one page application for up to $75,000

The Process

Best Choice and our stable of equipment leasing providers afford small to large businesses a terrific alternative to standard financing. Let's face can pay cash for new/used equipment, take out a loan with at least 20% down or simply go without the equipment.


Monthly payments are nearly identical to standard SBA loans except there is no down payment and the equipment is generally exhausted upon culmination of the lease terms.

Flexible leasing programs providing deferral, seasonal ,step-up and other great options

Flexing purchase/buyout options available

Credit requirements are more lenient than conventional lending.

Just a one page application for up to $75,000. Easy process for over  $75,000

Most Leases are tax deductible as a business expense

Only the equipment itself is used as collateral

Money is funded within 48 hours of acceptance

Leasing programs up to $3,000,000

Leasing protects financials because they are frequently noted in only footnotes thus preserving your borrowing capacity

Equipment Leased

Leasing applies to most all equipment necessary in any business operations. See the guidelines below for Rules of Thumb. If the equipment is for use by a legitimate business then proceed. Leasing has been provided for everything from computer equipment to major industrial machinery. Leasing has been provided for small trucks to commercial road graders. Basically, if you need equipment we can get it financed for you.

Do Not Apply: If you are looking to lease any type of equipment related to tanning or independent trucking. Our providers have shown these industries to be too risky. However, commercial trucking firms are not only ok but a prime user of our leasing.

Preferred Ownership: As a rule, our providers generally lease to companies that show at least 18 months in ownership. This rule of thumb varies per industry.

New or Used: Leasing is provided for both new or used equipment.

Franchises: Our providers will consider all requests for leasing the equipment necessary for a franchise start up. The franchise must be in good standing and subject to approval by our providers. No business opportunities please!

Buyouts: Our providers offer great buyouts of your lease

APPLY commitment

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Equipment Loans